Saturday, May 19, 2007

Freebie Saturday

....I am so excited to to release my two new kits at

Heres the special.....I am offer this prememorial day/memorial day special today through May 29, 2007.

My Summerlicious kit and Lavender and Lemongrass kits are both 20% off and for a limited time, when you purchase my Summerlicious kit you get my Lavender and Lemongrass kit for FREE...that is right, FREE.....all you have to do is add both kits to your cart and then add coupon code buy1get1free and they will be yours...

Once the memorial day sale is over, both kits will still be available in my store for 20% off...


and my second kit.....

Lavender and Lemongrass...

and, the most fun part of the day is my freebie kit...


download it here:

Ok, so now I am get my next kit going and clean my cleaning and 80 degrees outside, something is wrong with this picture....LOL....have a good day and enjoy the kit, please remember no piracy, etc, etc, you know the drill...thanks for respecting my rights! God bless!


Friday, May 4, 2007

Lookie, Lookie!

Ok, so I am sitting here in my garage...selling away at my city wide garage pumped, already made $900...wooohooo! It is freeeezing cold here for goodness sake, am I crazy or what! So, on a more exciting note...tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day and I have started to celebrate early! I thought I would let you all know what my deal is! I am selling my store for the weekend at 50% huh??? From my Shabby Fruit kit all the way to my scrapz sack. What is a scrapz sack you say...well, come check it out. It is a grab bag of goodies worth about $12 for $2 and everything in it is a surprise! How cool is that! I remember going downtown in my little hometown growing up...... for crazy days, and at Severson Drug, they had grab bags. Wow, was that the highlight of my summer as a kid. Ahhhh, back in the good ole days when you could run down to the drug store and buy penny candy....ok, now I am aging myself here!

check it out!

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So, anywho! Come over to and check out the store. The designers there are so awesome and let me tell ya.... have we loaded up the store with goodies and all at a superb price!

Ok, so I might get to sleep tonight and then garage selling I go again tomorrow! I hate it, but then the money is so worth it! So, I can go shopping tomorrow in my fav digiscrap stores! TTFN!!! See you at the store!