Friday, June 1, 2007

Puppies, Red Hatters, and Sweet Beans, Oh my!!!

I can't help it..I have been so busy! I picked up my baby puppy on Friday...check out this sweet pea...

Naomi Evangeline is her name, actually her registered name will be something like this....Sweetpea Engebretson Beanie Naomi Evangeline, whew, is that long or what....

I bought her from these lovely people and you can see their doggies here

Ok, so after church, Ava was in the mood for modeling, LOL...sooooo....without further hesistation....

She was so funny, I told her to give me a pouty face and well you see, her best attempts, not too bad, LOL....she is such a sweetie!

I should also show you a picture of my sweet Dawson with my incredibly wonderful and awesome husband Dean...since I am bragging up my daughter and my dog, LOL

So, the dress, oh the dress....I bought Ava the dress she is wearing in those pics up there at gymboree, our favorite store is the cutest, we got two dresses, I could have bought everything in both lines, but I would have gone broke and I just bought this expensive dog so I had to compromise!

So, anywho.....I better get on to business...I have a new kit at the store, it is called Red Hatter and you can get it at the OAKS and it is priced at $2.50....:O)

I thought it would be fun to make a red hatters kit. I have this wonderful patient...who inspired me. She lives life full and is a red hatter and her stories of the time her and her hatters spend together cracks me up..she inspires me so much and I only hope that when I am in my 60's and have gone through what she has in her life, that I can live like she does and inspire someone that way she has this kit I dedicate to her! (sorry can't share her name, patient/provider confidentiality :O))

don't forget my Summerlicious and Lavender and Lemongrass are still 20% off in my store as well

finally....I gotta show you all something....I have this very good friend who has three girls...and I got a hold of this picture of her girls with their cousins playing dress up at their grammas and they took pics of them in the sunflower patch...anyway, as a gift, I scrapped this cute 4x6 for her and I am going to frame it...I used Miriam Limas Sweet Bean cute!! I love this kit! Ok, so I hope I could do this without breaking any rules, I figured its a gift so...hope its ok my friend, Miriam!!!

and of course Miss Limabean Miriam can be found at that sweet shoppe, and you can get her kit there...

I think my favorite part of this kit is the colors, so soft and delicate and it just happens to have one of my favorite quotes as word it!!!

Ok, so I am design...I have been away all week with a sore right hand and wrist...guess I have tendonitis and this is no surprise as I clean teeth by day and design by I was sore all week and I had to take a break!

See you the store!!

God bless you!