Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have moved!!!

If you have found me here......I have moved to a new location...come visit my blog for freebies and info on sales and promotions on my products at The Digi Chick...or just catch up on life with me.....

follow me to--------->>>>>>>>>>

Can't wait to see you there :)

xoxox Danielle

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Retiring products at Digital Freebies...

to make space in my store for some newer designs and new designs. So in the retiring soon area of the store you can browse through and find alot of my designs at 50% off...alot of old stuff that needs to go. If you feel the need to shop, check it out here for the retiring soon area of the store and my store here

Now bear with me, there are some glitchies in the store, but Maria is fixing it up now, so they should appear on sale soon!

Happy Scrapping and Jesus bless you


Thursday, March 19, 2009

A trip to Disneyland!

We traveled off to sunny California for spring break.  We all had a wonderful time, but the kids by far had a magical time.  I think our most fun at Disneyland was hunting down the characters and getting those autographs and pictures.  One day we opened and closed the park, 12 hours later we were all exhausted, but Dawson and Ava did sooooo good!  So without further are some pictures!! 























so that is just a few of the hundreds of pictures I took!

I am off to design :)

God bless your day!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oye busy busy


1. got up and showered (got dressed) grabbed coffee (must have before anything else, lol)
2. made cream of wheat for Dawson, found the missing Christ is Born dvd for Dawson to return to the library, (we did a happy dance), got Dawson off to school with dad.
3. Ava rose from her slumber, brought her crackers and cheese for breakfast, and settled her in for Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.
4. proceed on to check email, email Anne (we miss you), check stores
5. work on gymnastics section rep stuff! Almost done
6. sign guestbook at Jackson's caring bridge site, share some scripture and love and support for the little guy who is fighting cancer.

What is to come
1. get Ava ready for school
2. go coach gymnastics at Glencoe
3. come back home, go coach club gymnastics
4. come home, tuck kids in, love my husband, and chase my pillow!

Not to bad of a day ahead....I think I can handle it

I suppose in there I gotta get some designing to work!

Bless your day!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Just wanna say thanks!

to all the nice comments you all have left here on my blog and on the link sites....I appreciate your kindness and I appreciate your business each and every one of you!

God bless you!

Thanks Danielle

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh boy let's see, so much to cover and of course a FREEBIE for you!!

FIRST off for the month of store at TDC is 30% off (this excludes of course my grab bag) and you can get to my store by clicking HERE!

Oh I have such fun news to share, I have become a new designer at Digital Candy, and it is nicest most friendly store, the new owners Kate and Rick Earley are so wonderful and the staff is all around golden.  I also have taken a new position at Sunshine Studio Scraps, with a whole group of fabulous women (and guy, lol) and I am just in the works of getting this going...and I am really excited to be part of such a Sunshine-y place!  Nicole Seitler (Sugarplum Paperie) has taken over The Digi Chick as store owner and she is so great to work with, lots of new things will be happening with her becoming the new owner, stay tuned over the next several months for these fun new and exciting things to come to The Digi Chick.

So, onto business, I have a new grab bag for $3 at TDC, and you can get it here!   This is a fun grab bag filled with 7 different sets and is boy and girl friendly!

Here is a look!


Now, I have released two kits for the "love" is a fun and very cute collaboration with Melissa Bennett of Melissa Bennett Designs and Sweet Shoppe Designs called Sugartown is available at The Digi Chick now through the end of the month at 30% off and you can get it by clicking HERE!

Here is a look at the kit!  Thanks Melissa again for collabing with me, it was so fun!




We also designed this album!


Upon creating this kit and more, this album with Melissa, and after running it by her, I decided to put to work something I had wanted to design for a very long time...A Digital Children's book!  So taking our album pages that we designed together and my desire to write a children's book, I was able to whip a clever little story about sweetness called, You Are So Sweet by Danielle Engebretson and Illustrated by Danielle Engebretson and Melissa Bennett.  It was so fun to make, let me give you a look and of course it is 30% off and of course you can get it HERE!

Here is the scoop on this fun little book!


There is so much info about this book, like what you get, and how to print it and my recommendations for printing, and how to customize your story, that you must click and check it out!

I also designed a kit called I Love You which you can get here!


and since I had such a blast creating that children's book, I decided to take my hand at a more sentimental style book for your loved one during the holiday of I threw together album pages and a sentiments page to add your own sentiments to, and you can get that book called I Love You Because here!

Here is a look and this too you will want to check out with many details in the store description as to how to use it and where to print it etc...:)



so then onward to the real fun, LOL....

Neener, neener, neener, I have a freebie, a couple alphas and a couple quickpages, and I think the cool part about the alphas is they coordinate with some of the goodies in my grab bag!  Wahooo!!

So here is a look and here is where to click!




OH gosh I didn't even talk about my crazy life, well that is for another day...I did have a pretty bad morning, I found out my boss as a dental hygienist for many years had a tragedy happen to his family and I ask for your prayers as they enter into this living hell they are about to journey into.  His little grandson, 1 or 2 grandchildren, was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer, he is 1 and 1/2, please if you pray, pray for him!  He is going to need a miracle.  I just know God has a plan and I praise Him for He is good, and I know that He holds that family in the palm of His strong hand tonight, but extra prayers are always needed in such times as these!  Thanks!

Oh DAH, how bout some links for that freebie there up there, lol

OH thanks so much for visiting me at my blog...look for more coming soon from Me in fact, I am in the midst of a sweet little graphics set for a fun little kit I have in mind, and here is a peekie before I go chase my pillow!

sneak peek

Bye Bye!! :)


Thursday, January 15, 2009

BRRRRRR......thank goodness for Freebies and new releases

Yep it is 30 below zero here, that is right you heard, 30 freakin below zero and today I am thankful for that the fact, that I released a brand new collaboration at The Digi Chick with Melissa Bennett, called Sugartown Valentine and with so much time on my hands since the cold has kept everyone inside and school was canceled, I decided to throw together a freebie to give you. First I would like to share with you the new collab with Melissa Bennett and myself and then take a look down the way for the FREEBIE. Hope it warms your heart, I know it sure helped warm me up on this cold cold day in Minnesota.
Oh I should mention that Sugartown Valentine is 20% off through the rest of today which is January 15, hurry run and get yours today while it is still on sale!
Sugartown Valentine Collaboration with Danielle Engebretson and Melissa Bennett

Freebie will expire in one week!

Thanks for stopping by for a freebie! Look for more in the near future!
Danielle Engebretson Designs