Saturday, October 13, 2007

What a wonderful Friday!

I have been bad and again, haven't blogged, shame on me! We have company last night and today. Our Son Matt and his girlfriend Trish and their sweet son, my grandson, Bodi came to visit. It is horrible to say, but I haven't seen him since December. I was feeling so sad about this for the longest time, but let me tell ya, when that little angel walked through my door and I got down to scoopy him up, he greeted me with a big smile, hug and a big kiss on the lips, that just wiped away all the time that had passed. It was like yesterday I saw him. He is so much fun and will be two in December. I just had it reiterated how amazing my love for him, my grandchild is. Something different than the kids, just an absolute and total joyfulness and agape love. He has a huge room in my heart just for him! I played with him and got loads of kisses throughout the night and I put him to sleep and he was so cuddly and so sweet, and kept touching my eyes, and looking at me. He has some of the most fun little qualities any little toddler could have. I just adore him and love him to pieces and consider myself so blessed to have him, Matt and Trish in my life! Today is Matt's birthday, he is out pheasant hunting with his dad right now and I am sure they are having a wonderful time. They went with a group of men from church, including Pastor Rick. They were meeting this Am for coffee, juice, and donuts and then heading out for their hunt. The pheasant count has been tremendous in Minnesota, so I am looking forward to having pheasant for lunch or dinner tonight! I was really excited to have Matt come and go hunting with his dad on his birthday, with a wonderful group of christian men, and our pastor, as I think this will be a huge blessing for him today...God works in those oh so mysterious ways, and it is my prayer, that this day touches his heart in places that have never been touched before!

Ok, so that is my good family news, Praise the Lord! I have new designs coming out soon.....I am just waiting a tad for news and then will release them as necessary depending on that news. A few weeks back, I released a little kit called Commotion on the Ocean over at Digital Freebies. It is such a cool kit! It is geared toward reaching for goals and aspirations and achieving those goals. It is a great kit that can be used for boys and girls and just about anything.

It is a great little is a preview of the kit...I am going to be releasing it today at OAKS for 30% off for a week and at Digiscrap Boutique as well, but not on sale until Friday Oct. 19th at Digiscrap Boutique where it will be $3 all day Friday!

So, hurry over for this fun to one of my stores and pick yours up today, you don't want to miss out on this cutie...and here today, I have for you an add-on Freebie to the kit! Yay, Yay.....

SO, with this add-on, you must have the kit, lol!

Heres the kit!

and here is the addon freebie!

Heres your links to the freebie add-on, enjoy and by all means, please feel free to come on over and give me a link to something you create with it, I love to see everyones creative Layouts!!!

Sooo, blessed be this day to you all!

Hugs, Dani