Sunday, July 29, 2007

Can anyone say Bacteria, Birthday Presents, and a New Freebie

Ok, it is official, I hate giving titles to my blog, so you get a caption of what is included in the post, that is as good as I can do, but at least it leaves a element of

Since Wed at 11 PM I have been dealing with this, here is my story....*caution, could gross you out*

ok, so Thursday night at about 5 pm, my eye started producing yellow guck, and I thought "oh great, I have pink eye", the kids had it over the last two weeks! Well, by midnight I was pretty much spent, I had a film over my eye couldn't see anymore and had to go to bed immediately. I was so irritated, and my kids eyedrops are at daycare, forgot them there, so couldn't even use those, well so.....3 Am I wake up to a face *when I mean face I mean nose cheeks and eye* full of crusty yellow discharge guck, my eye had been draining, seriously freaked me out! So, I told Dean I was going to take a bath, and I had so much pressure and throbbing there I could have just cried, well, I cleaned it up only to find out the large amounts of crust that I thought were glueing my eye shut, were not the reason I couldn't open my eye and that is when it hit me, my eye was swollen shut, not a peep hole in site, not even with effort. So, went downstairs and sat in the porch until the sun came up doing a warm wash cloth on it, and then I finally went to bed at 6 AM, well woke at 10 AM and no better, so decided to go into urgent care.....the Dr there felt it was not acute conjungtivitis or pink eye as we all know it too well, but rather some nasty other bacteria that had invaded my precious eye and was causing major trouble and she prescribed me oral and eyedrop antibiotics. Well, with effort, I can open a little but it takes alot of effort but as the day has gone on and eyedrops every two hours, I have a peep hole, YaY! Now I can design! I work as a dental hygienist and I have very good personal protective equipment and I am very careful at work, wear safety glasses, gloves, mask, ya name it. I do however, use instruments that produce aerosols that can spray up to six feet from the chair, and my patients in the last two weeks have been hard, and when I say hard, I mean plaque and calculus everywhere, I swear they all waited to come in at the same time over the last two weeks with their messy mouths, like they planned it over the phone or something, and I don't normally talk this way about my work, I don't discuss it at all, but let me tell ya my stress level has been through the roof. So, it wouldn't surprise me if one of the 500+ normal flora free floating bacteria in every mouth I saw in the last two weeks, got in my eye and thus the infection. I mean the glasses work, but some microscopic stuff has got to get around them. Here is what is weird, I am a victim of Migraines I have been for 5 years now, I always, always always, have them start on the right side of my face with the little light show in my right eye and then I am bound to bed for 24 hours and usually throw up! ICK, they suck, and meds only take the edge off. Well, this past Wed night about 11 PM I got a migraine but much different from my very other consistent migraines as this one manifested on the left side right behind my left eye, it was the worst I have ever had, threw up three times and wanted to die, spent all day Thursday in bed, however once I was on the road to getting a little better, I still had my laptop in bed, God forbid I am off it even with a migraine, but for most of it I couldn't move. Then, the next day Friday, which was yesterday, I get this nasty eye infection in my left eye, I just have to wonder, if this ugly bacteria is what triggered my migraine and left me debilitated for 24+ hours and now this, UGGG...I just had to vent.So I know that was probably way too much info for some of you, but I am a details girl! LOL

Ok, so here is a pic of the eye, the first is the shut position which at this point is the comfy position, and the second is a pic with a slight peep hole with much much effort in opening! I am so ugly here no makeup and it couldn't get worse with my friend Bacteria present!

So I thought I would liven this place up a bit with a story of my week from the deep depths of the pit! LOL
Ok, onto a more exciting note...did you know it is OAKS month long birthday party, hehehe, as if you didn't holy smoke, I have been posting about it and it is all over the this is it and this weekend we have Birthday Presents, which are *grab bags* if you will full of surprises for $2. My Package is over 154 MB of products and ONLY $ isn't that the bomb???
Heres a the preview in my store,

and below it is a sneak peek of what's inside!

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Now, lookie, lookie, what do we have here...mmmmmm..could it be, naaa, wait, yes it is, it is a FREEBIE Wa HOOOOOO...yes, that is right I have a freebie for you to download and it is something a little different...
Fun Paints for you to embellish your LO's with....I am excited are you???
Take a look:

Ok, so a download link would be nice
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Ok, so thanks so much and have a blessed Sunday!
Dani Jane

Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Family Pictures, New Dollar Deals at my Store....and guess what??? FREEBIE Botanical Oasis elements!!!

That's right! It has been a crazy couple of weeks, well should I say month, LOL. We went on Vacation to the Lake up North and between getting back from Vacation and this weeks vacation bible school, *note to self, get those pics downloaded and shared* and my design schedule, which has been crazy because we have been celebrating a birthday at our store for the whole month of July!!! did you know that...every week, something new...but I will tell you about that later...we have sale going this weekend through tomorrow and all next week that will knock your socks off! So, hang tight I will tell you all about it! First, can I just say, I absolutely love our daughter Anne....she is 24 beautiful, smart, funny, talented, and the list goes on and on...and she is an Airmen in the United States Air Force! Isn't that cool?? We are so proud of her for her huge accomplishments! She is one of a kind a true treasure and she lives in Italy! Doesn't she stink?? I want to live in Italy! LOL. Seriously, she is having so much fun, she has been to Pesa, Spain, Croatia, England, I mean the girl is just a travelin fool! I am so wishing I was there with her to experience all the cool things she has! She is a med tech for the USAF and plans to be a doctor of dermatology, last I checked anyway, LOL. I created a LO with her pics from England and I played with a couple pics of her in Spain and in Pesa at the leaning tower!! Heres a look! She is so beautiful, get ready, she will take your breath away...she should be a model! She is tall too!

So, isn't she beautiful, I told you she would take your breath away, wait, I have another pic oh and the kit up there is credited to Miriam Lima it is her Mi Casa kit and you can find it at

Ok, so here is the tower she is holding up, LOL That is so crazy isn't it! I see these pics of her and I miss her so so so much! Heres a Awesome pic from her time in Spain, what a beautiful landscape behind her! I can't even imagine how beautiful it is there, nothing compares to the beauty of the LORD!

I had to play with this pic and do some fun techniques just for fun and for my Anne

My very goodlooking hubby here, I could just eat him up he is soooo hot, and this is on vacation at Leech Lake and below my sweet boy Dawson with his very small sand pile with the grand ole flag on Independence Day! Love this little man so much! Below him is ya, it's me and the little the parade on the 4th! It was hot, we were glad to get to the beach and get in the water! The two below me and the kiddos are my sweet girl Ava..she is so funny and her hair has turned totally blonde with the sunshine! She was a brunette baby with a tish of auburn and then she was more auburn and now she is blonde...she looks so much like her sister Anne it is crazy!!

 is my grandson...Bodi! sweet boy! LOL He is 1 and 1/2 and totally cute and I don't see him like I want to, but he lives far away and we NEED to see him, I need to kiss him!

and here is our son Matt and his sweet Trish, we miss them so much and love them even more! Matt is 26 and they live 3 hours from us on a lake and they are just such huge blessings in our life!

...and you gotta see my sweet girl Alyssa she is 20, and she lives with us....she is my personal chef..I don't cook and will be the first to admit it! LOL anyway, Alyssa is HOT! LOL...she is beautiful and fun and we love her being here, so do the kids! She is a daycare assistant at a daycare center just blocks from our house! She is a gift!!

So that is our family! They are true gifts, I will share pics often and VBS pics will be here soon!
Now down to we are having huge sales at One of a Kind Scrapz, its our birthday month, I have my designs at 30% off still and plan to leave them at that price until July is over! That is everything but my dollar items and yes, you heard, it, we are having dollar deals over at the Store,

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Ok, so a few weeks ago I posted my Botanical Oasis Paper Pack colors and tons of you enjoyed the D/ here is the second link for some elements for this awesome kit! There is more, so come back often to see if I have posted more....

heres that link!
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Thanks so much, have a great week and may the Lord bless you!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

FREEBIE ALERT and well, what can I say I have been meaning to blog, but....

I have been so busy and I will show you why in a minute! First let me share, that after a 76 day battle for life in the hospital at the age of 68 my aunt Norma Jean Ware passed away of a cardiac event. She had open heart surgery which is what started off this long journey and the surgery had complications and after many other complications with her colon and a hernia and septicemia post surgery, she lost the battle to a very sudden cardiac event, and she had many set backs but was well on her way to the road of recovery. We are very saddened by this news. after 76 days of prayer, the battle is over for her and thankfully she is resting quietly in the arms of our heavenly father! Ok, so on a different note, did I mention that it was my daughter Ava's birthday yesterday and she turned 4...heres a pick of the squirt. Here favorite birthday present, MP3 player she loves to sing and she sings really LOUD with it on, she is so funny.

I had to blog about Naomi our Havanese..she is getting so big and she is so smart, I can't hardly get over she is!

and this is her sister Penny and she is unbelievably cute..

Ok, I was busy as a little bee working on a collab with Karen Lewis...we finisihed it and it was so fun. Karen is an awesome lady and a fabulous designer. We have had a wonderful time getting to know each other through it all have become friends, which is the bonus of doing a collab! Ok, so the collab is called Cupcake Cafe and you can get it at One of a Kind Scrapz and if you purchase it today, (which by the way it is 40% off for July 4th and 30% off for the entire month of July) will can get the matching brag book for free, by adding both to your cart and then it will take over from cool is that!!!

Today in the store is also a sweet little Expressive Paper Flower Element pack for $1.00. I just loaded it up, so run get yours....

My entire store is 40% off for awhile...we are celebrating at OAKS it's birthday and there are sales running all month long so check it out...all of my stuff except for the $1.00 items are on sale in my store One of a Kind Scrapz
Here is my Princess Gigi kit, my most recent KIT release in the store..

details here:



Ok, and last but certainly not least...I have a new FREEBIE starting, this is a kit..and I am releasing it in is so cool...first to come out of my design closet is my patterned papers and the kit is called Botanical Oasis...I love the colors of this one and you can bet that there is so much more to follow so bookmark my blog so you don't miss out on any part of the this freebie kit and also watch the Freebie section at DST for info on new links for new portions of the kit

Get it here:
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So, I am at a coffee shop in Pequot Lakes, MN...I am on vacation and had to get in here to blog to ya all and get you in on what is going down in my store and life...we stay at a cabin at a resort every has been really nice...other than my aunt family is here and we all have our own cabins. So, I gotta run to get back to relaxing..and a little designing too...LOL..have a spectacular 4th and God bless you all!!