Monday, February 9, 2009

Just wanna say thanks!

to all the nice comments you all have left here on my blog and on the link sites....I appreciate your kindness and I appreciate your business each and every one of you!

God bless you!

Thanks Danielle


Leah said...

Hi Danielle. I just love your stuff. I would like to chat with you about some custom designs. Would you mind emailing me at, and I'll give you more details. Thanks!

MiniCooper452 said...

Hey Danielle, I didn't know where else to leave this and I figure that you get notice of comments like I do. I wanted to thank you for you Blissful Blooms kit. I was finally able to use it in my Mom's book and I posted the page today. Please take a look if you like and if you know how, please feel free to copy the pic and use it in your blog. I don't know how to share it with you any other way, so click on my link and it's the June 3, 2009 entry.
Thanks again. I love it.